Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Teenage Books, Jean Ure

Teenage Books by Jean Ure
Gone Missing Available
Hunky Dory Available
Over the Moon Available
Boys Beware Available
Sugar and Spice SOLD
Skinny Melon and Me SOLD
Is Anybody There? SOLD
1st 3 books RM10
Latter 4 books RM5
Buy as a set (4 books) for RM35 inclusive Registered Postage

Is Anybody There?:
'Last year I did this reallly dumb thing. I got into a car with someone I didn't know...'
If Mum had been an ordinary mum, she might have got the truth out of me. But she's not an ordinary mum, she's a clairvoyant, and she's always very careful not to pry. I didn't even tell Dee and Chloe, my two best friends. And now I'm not the only one in trouble...

Skinny Melon and Me:
This is the diary of me, Cherry Louise Waterton, and I am writing for posterity, in other words the future. And do I have a lot to write! Mum's just re-married, but how could she marry a man called Roland Butter-what kind of a name is that? He's a total dweeb who sends me coded messages and calls me Cherry Pie. Yuck!
If thins get too bad at home I could always drown myself in the school-dinner special-curried compost heap. I've got my best friend, Skinny Melon, to cheer me up but I'm not sure if even she can save me from Roland and his message, or work out what Mum's big secret is...

 Sugar and Spice:
Shay was totally drop-dead gorgeous. Why would a person that looked like a model want to sit next to me - an insignificant weed with a brace on her teeth? And glasses.

Boys Beware:
Even though Tash and Emily go to a nunnery (well, an all girls' school, which amounts to the same thing!), they are into boys in a BIG WAY. They're also stepsisters and the hugest of best friends. So when their mum and dad have to go Peru for work for a couple of months, leaving the girls in their own flat in Aunty Jay's house, they are seriously excited. Of course they've got to take their weird elder sister, Ali, hundreds of her Star Trek videos and Fat Man the cat, but apart from that they are INDEPENDENT GIRLS. And when they find out that there's a dishy boy living in the flat downstairs, they just can't believe their luck...  

Over the Moon:
More comedy, calamity and cool characters from Jean Ure, the queen of teen. Scarlett is finding out that life is full of ups and downs. One minute she's over the moon and the next she's down in the dumps. She's bright, attractive and twelve years old, but she has to rely on more than just her looks to get her the grades she needs to qualify for the Founder's Day dinner and dance. And what's she going to do when her eyes mysteriously puff up? Who's going to want to take her to the dance in that state, least of all a dish like golden-haired Sun God Matt?

  Gone Missing:
Fourteen-year-old Jade is fed up with fighting with her mum and step-dad, and her shy sixteen-year-old friend, Honey is having a miserable time with her mum, but when Jade decides they should both run away, Honey isn't so sure. It's only when they get to London and things don't work out quite how they expected that Honey shows she has hidden depths, and Jade realises that home is not so bad after all! This book deals with very real problems in a humorous, entertaining, and accessible way that will leave young readers with hope. 

Hunky Dory:
A classic Jean Ure story for girls AND boys, about a boy who's driving girls wild...Dorian Jones is an 11-year-old boy who is having 'terrible trouble with girls'. They just won't leave him alone. Girls at school and his annoying younger sisters' friends have massive crushes on him, but Dory's passion is for dinosaurs and he is happiest excavating his back garden. His best friend at school is Aaron and his best friend out of school is a girl called the Herb. How will Dory stop girls throwing themselves at him? Why is Aaron holding hands with Sophy Timms? And why is the Herb acting so strange around Dory all of a sudden!

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