Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get Spooked!, Various Authors (SOLD)

Get Spooked! Series by various authors
Horrifying Tales Unearthed by Dark Dreamer
Twists from Haunting Tales by Madame Guillotine
Terrifying Tales Untold by Talisman Soulraider
Experience the Unexpected by Chief Spookster
RM10 each
By as a set for RM42 inclusive Registered Postage
(note: have name written inside)

Horrifying Tales Unearthed
A mysterious stranger and practitioner of dark arts. A ravenous monster freed from a centuries-long imprisonment. A haunted beach that sends all swimmers to a watery grave.
These and other horrors are exposed here in this collection of 7 chilling tales spawned from their author's darkest dreams.
Between these pages, you will find worlds in which fear is given form, terror is tangible and the greatest horror lurks in the depths of the human soul.

 Twists from Haunting Tales
 8 Stories. 8 women protagonists. Each with a mysterious tale.
Identify with these women as you read about their bizarre experiences and how feelings of fear, envy, anger and jealousy drive them to startling acts. find them in a tailspin; caught in a world where nothing is as it seems and sometimes, people are not who they appear to be.
if you quiver at things that go bump in the night, the author recommends that you read this during the day. But should you insist on doing otherwise, do not forget to sleep with the lights on. You never know...

Terrifying Tales Untold
Inspired by true encounters, Talisman Soulraider weaves his terrifying tales of revenge, unrequited love, murderous spirits and pelesits in purgatory. Painted in graphic detail, these 10 terrifying tales will make your imagination run wild!
You'll find episodes that defy the norm, break the barriers between the earthly and the paranormal and send chills through your body. Written in vivid and gruesome detail, ghost stories will never be the same again! Let your imagination stretch to the deepest recesses of your soul and the bloodiest throes of your most macabre nightmares.

Experience the Unexpected
Dare to experience the unexpected?
If you think nothing can scare you, think again. This gripping collection of horrifying stories will spook you and haunt you long after you've finished reading each story. Be scared out of your wits with the shadow that lurks in dark hours of midnight on the grounds of a nursing school in the Oily Man; find out what demonic power violates Vivian's dreams at exactly 3.04am every night in Exorcising the Ex; discover what evil force is behind the murders of the teachers at the Wordall Primary in Unnatural Coincidences; & many more spine-chilling stories that will make your heart race faster than ever.

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