Thursday, January 20, 2011

Classic Singapore Horror Stories, Damien Sin (SOLD)

Classic Singapore Horror Stories by Damien Sin
Book 2, 3 and 4
Book 2 RM5 (yellowed pages)
RM8 each for book 3 & 4
By as a set for RM25 inclusive Registered Postage
(note: have name written inside)

Book 2: Damien Sin is back with another nightmarish glimpse into the maddening vistas of the unspeakable. Each story is brilliantly crafted by Singapore's foremost story teller. Step into the macabre world of Damien Sin.

Book 3: Take macabre imagination of nightmarish proportion, add a dollop of twisted humour, and stir with unholy glee. Season with distinctive Singaporean flavour... This is Damien Sin's latest concoction. Enjoy!

Book 4: No vampires, no werewolves, no zombies, no serial killers. The stories in this book are purely Asian experience. An exotic blend of multicultural superstitions, a whirlpool of myriad ethnic devilry. This is the original Sin brew of human desire, shameless lust, violence, greed, random sadism and pure wickedness... all the repressed instincts we hide away from others, and ourselves. As you read, don't be surprised to discover exactly who you are and what you might be.

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  1. Hi there, please inform me if you have anymore of these okay. i'm looking for the book 3 & 4. thank you...