Friday, January 21, 2011

Ella Mental Series, Amber Deckers (SOLD)

Ella Mental Series by Amber Deckers
Ella Mental and the Good Sense Guide
Ella Mental: Life, Love and more Good Sense
Yellowed pages
RM10 both as a set
(note: have name written inside)

 The Elemental Good Sense Guide is made up of basic observations I make about people and life, which I then turn into sayings. Elemental -- that's also my nickname, but it's actually more like "Ella Mental." You see: It changes the meaning entirely. Ella Watson is sensible to a fault. Thanks to the little nuggets of wisdom she collects in her Good Sense Guide, she's the perfect go-to girl for any friend in need. But when Ella has an argument with her best friend, Toby, her faithful guide falls short. Ella has been so focused on her friends that she's missed what's right in front of her face -- now she'll have to trade in sense for sensibility to mend her friendship.

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