Friday, January 21, 2011

Truth or Dare Series, Cathy Hopkins (SOLD)

  Truth or Dare Series by Cathy Hopkins
Truth or Dare: Love Lottery 
Truth or Dare: All Mates Together 
Truth or Dare: Teen Queens and Has-Beens 
Truth or Dare: Midsummer Meltdown 
Truth or Dare: Starstruck 
Slightly yellowed pages
RM10 each

All Mates Together:
Big changes are coming for Cat: post-high school plans, a big move and her dad is finally getting remarried. But despite having looking forward to the changes, now Cat's worried about letting go of her old life-and saying goodbye to her home.
Cat's friends come to the rescue and organize a sleepover. while playing truth or dare, the friends promise to always be there for each other-no matter what happens in their lives. and as plans for the move and the wedding take shape, Cat learns that the more things change, the more the important things stay the same.

Teen Queens and Has-Beens:
"Yeah but...," I started, "then I decided to confront what I thought was probably really bothering her. "Look, about Jonno. I didn''t mean for anything to happen. He just kind of..." "After a game of truth or dare, Lia manages to gain the interest of the school heartthrob, and alienates "teen queen" Kaylie, who was after Jonno for herself. Kaylie and her friends then start a campaign of bullying against Lia -- the nasty, underhanded kind where rumors are spread, threats are sent, secrets are exposed, and confidence is underminded. Soon Lia begins to question her whole life: who she is, why these girls have got it in for her, and who her "real" friends are...

Midsummer Meltdown:
Excited about her mom's big birthday party, Lia looks forward to seeing lots of familiar faces and introducing her new boyfriend, Squidge, to everyone in attendance, but when her ex-boyfriend ends up on the guest list, Lia begins to worry what will happen when he shows up and worlds collide.

Squidge is over the moon - he has just started going out with the beautiful Lia. And when Lia challenges him to a game of Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise, Squidge promises her that he will always be open and honest. But things get complicated when a film crew arrives in the area and Squidge's dream to work on a movie comes true. Savannah, the celebrity teenage star, adopts Squidge as her personal runner and starts to show an interest in him. Will he be able to keep Savannah happy without breaking his promise to Lia?

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